Buchu A120

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Buchu A120 (2pcs) Alcohol Herbal Extract Tincture, Super-Concentrated Organic Buchu (Agathosma Betulina) Dried Leaf (2×4 fl oz)

Butcher’s broom is known to decrease leg swelling. Varicose veins cause swelling in the legs because they have a difficult time returning blood to the heart.

In one double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, 166 women suffering from chronic venous insufficiency received either butcher’s broom extract or placebo for 12 weeks.

Results showed the butcher’s broom extract significantly reduced leg volume, ankle, and leg circumferences and subjective symptoms such as heavy, tired legs. Typical doses of extract used in the clinical trials corresponded to the equivalent of about 1.6 to 2.4 grams per day of the root.

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