Multi Toxin Binder with Bentonite Clay Powder, Zeolite Detox & Charcoal

Supplement for Gut Support & The Body’s Toxin Removal Process (120 Capsules)



About this item

  • Universal, Broad-Acting Binder – Designed to capture toxins while supporting gut health, GI detox and the body’s normal toxin removal process. Unlike standalone charcoal supplements, this product contains a wider spectrum of binders to support more comprehensive activity.*
  • Activated Charcoal – Activated charcoal powder contains millions of tiny pores that capture toxins in the gut. It is well-tolerated and readily excreted in the stool. Complemented by zeolite detox support.*
  • Bentonite Clay & Chitosan Supplements – Bentonite clay powder is a creamy gray volcanic ash. Each molecule has a vast surface area capable of binding to numerous harmful substances, including mold toxins, and LPS, a pro-inflammatory byproduct.* Chitosan is derived from the outer skeleton of shellfish. It binds microbes and may support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.*
  • Aloe Vera & Acacia Gut Support – The aloe plant contains a compounds that helps soothe the gastric mucosa, normalizes the gut flora and alleviates potential constipation caused by other binders. Acacia gum gut health supplements are rich in soluble fiber, which helps normalize gut motility.*
  • Ultra Binder Universal Toxin Binder is also available in a powder form, travel-friendly stick packs and a gentler formula designed for more sensitive individuals. Support gut detox and a healthy gut by combining this product with Liver Sauce or Bitters No 9 digestion supplement.*


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