Unleash Effortless Cleaning with Tyroler’s Glider D3 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Introduction: A clean window can enhance the overall appearance of your home or office. However, cleaning the outside of your windows can be challenging, especially if they are hard to reach. The Tyroler Glider D3 Magnetic Window Cleaner makes the task effortless, allowing you to clean the windows both inside and outside with just a few swipes.

Choose the Right Model for Your Window Thickness

It is important to choose the appropriate Glider magnetic window cleaner model according to your window thickness. If you are unsure about your window thickness, Tyroler provides a guide on how to measure it. The Glider D3 is specifically designed to clean extra-thick, double-glazed windows with a thickness of 20 to 28 mm.

Effortless Cleaning with Durable Rare Earth Magnets

The Tyroler Glider features four of the most powerful rare earth magnets, which ensure a secure fit to the interior and exterior window for optimal cleaning. The magnets are ultra-strong and will never lose strength, even after regular use.

Hard-to-Reach Windows Made Easy

The dual-sided squeegee technology effectively spreads the cleaning solution and wipes away dirt and grime. The squeegee is made of natural rubber that never degrades, providing streak-free windows every time.

Secure Finger Ring for Safe Use

To prevent accidental loss of equipment, the exterior component of the Glider is connected to a finger ring with a string. This adds an extra layer of safety during use.Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Glider D3

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Glider D3

  1. Attach the Glider to the exterior and interior window.
  2. Put on the finger ring attached to the exterior Glider.
  3. Spray a cleaning solution on both sides of the window.
  4. Move the Glider across the window in S-shaped motions.
  5. Insert microfiber cloths on each side of the Glider and reattach it to the exterior and interior window.
  6. Repeat the same S-shaped motions to dry the window.

Revolutionary Cleaning Tools by Tyroler

Tyroler has been designing, manufacturing, and selling cleaning tools since 1987. As a customer-focused company, they only use high-quality, all-natural materials that are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and comfortable to use. The Glider D3 magnetic window cleaner is just one of the many unique cleaning tools offered by Tyroler to enhance day-to-day cleaning.

  • Revolutionary Window Cleaning Solution: The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Double-Glazed Window Compatibility: Ideal for windows 20-28mm thick
  • Durable Design for Optimal Cleaning: Made of ABS plastic with microfiber cloths included
  • Never Miss a Spot: Powerful Rare Earth Magnets for a Secure Fit
  • Effortless Cleaning with Dual-Sided Squeegee Technology
  • No Accidental Losses: External Component Connected to a Finger Ring
  • Thick Window Expertise: The Glider D3 Designed for Extra-Thick Windows
  • One-of-a-Kind Cleaning Tools: Tyroler’s Wide Range of Unique Products for Enhancing Cleaning


The Glider magnetic window cleaner is a revolutionary cleaning tool designed to clean the exterior of windows while staying inside the room. It’s effective for double-glazed windows with a thickness between 20-28mm.

The Glider is made of durable ABS plastic and includes two microfiber cloths for scrubbing and polishing. The device features four powerful rare earth magnets, ensuring a secure fit to the window for optimal cleaning. The dual-sided squeegee technology spreads cleaning solution and removes dirt and grime. The external component is connected to a finger ring to prevent accidental loss.

The Glider D3 is designed for extra-thick windows and requires a short practice to get great results. Before using, measure your windows to ensure you get the best fit. Tyroler offers a wide range of unique cleaning tools to enhance daily cleaning.


The Tyroler Glider D3 Magnetic Window Cleaner makes cleaning the outside of your windows effortless, safe, and effective. With durable rare earth magnets and dual-sided squeegee technology, you can enjoy streak-free windows every time. If you have any questions about which Glider model is best for your needs or how to properly use your current glider, Tyroler’s team is standing by and happy to assist you.

Transform your window cleaning routine today with the Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner! Say goodbye to hard-to-reach windows and hello to streak-free, sparkling windows with just a few swipes. Choose the perfect model for your windows and enjoy effortless cleaning every time. Get your Glider now and experience the difference!”